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  1. Our Accountex 2024 Highlights

    It was great to see and meet so many of you at Accountex London this year.

  2. Making Work a Safe Space

    Employers have just as much responsibility for employees’ psychological safety as they do for their physical safety.

  3. Verifiable vs Non-Verifiable CPD

    What makes a CPD activity verifiable or non-verifiable, and what does the distinction mean for the activities we must undertake and the records...

  4. The power of persuasive writing

    Persuasive writing can help you connect to your audience, set clear goals, and navigate potential obstacles to effectively drive innovation...

  5. Common grammar mistakes and how to fix them

    Grammar is complex, so it's easy to get things wrong. While it's fine for errors to creep into your emails or finance reports from time to time,...

  6. How to tackle the post-pandemic networking slump

    Why has networking slumped since the pandemic and how can we fix it?