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  1. Institute of Directors publishes consultation document on a code of conduct for directors

    The IoD UK has recently published a consultation document on a Code of Conduct for Directors; a practical tool to help directors make better...

  2. Here We Go Again

    Why do professional trainee accountants cheat on tests?

  3. FRC Issue an Update to the Ethical Standard

    On 15 January 2024, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) issued an updated Ethical Standard. Here we run through the changes.

  4. Unravelling the Post Office Scandal: Ethical Considerations

    Here are 10 ethical principles, all referenced in the guidelines of at least one major accounting body, that are pertinent to the Post Office scandal.

  5. Women as Leaders in Accountancy

    Internationally, women make up a significant percentage of accountants and auditors. According to statistics from Accountancy Age’s last survey...

  6. Adopting ESG is good for business

    Explore the transformative impact of adopting ESG principles, as highlighted in recent research by Moore Global and CEBR, revealing a 10% revenue...